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Empowered Coaching

Professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level.
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About Coaching

COMENSA defines coaching as “a professional, collaborative and outcomes-driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual and raise self-awareness so that he or she might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level”.

Coaching is a process that facilitates empowerment of the client on their own terms taking into consideration their individual circumstances and goals.

The client will create the agenda based on their personal needs and set their own desired outcomes.

Through the coaching process they will learn how to identify their own ability to achieve what they want from life, and be accountable for their success.

Recovery coaching focuses on areas relating to substance abuse and aims to help the client achieve their goals in these areas. It does not replace the need for any of the other treatment / wellness practices like counsellors, rehab facilities and so on, but rather is an additional option to the millions who seek help.

When I first heard about coaching many years ago I was immediately cynical. The idea that someone else had to ‘guide’ me through living life sounded absurd!

When I looked into Recovery Coaching and felt I had something to offer it made more sense but during the process I had to submit to BEING coached also. I didn’t feel I needed coaching as I am in a positive place in life, but the benefits I got from it really blew my mind! I found new motivation to achieve things I previously just didn’t have the energy or confidence to take on. This spilled over to other areas of my life that were not even discussed in the coaching sessions! Spending an hour every week or second week now is one of the best investments I can make as it has such a positive impact on my life in general.

About Robert

Most of my professional career was in the corporate world where I climbed the ladder while in my personal life I abused drugs and alcohol. Over time my substance abuse blurred into my professional life, which continued for many years until I finally decided I needed change. At that point in time I was merely existing.

I embarked on a journey to get clean and sober and in the process, I learned (amongst other things) that I was not truly happy in the corporate world. As I became a more authentic version of myself, I came to believe that I have something to offer others who also struggle with substance abuse.

Coming from that background I know what the statistics are and how many people are suffering in a loop of drug addiction or alcohol addiction that they desperately want to get out of, but can’t seem to.

What I like about Recovery Coaching is that it celebrates the fact that every person is an individual with their own set of circumstances, needs, goals, obstacles and most importantly ability, to achieve what they want. It doesn’t prescribe to the individual what to do but rather allows them the space to find the answers within themselves. I think that is really something powerful and makes for a lasting, realistic solution to not only being sober or drug-free, but happier and more connected.


Individual consultations

It is important that you are comfortable with your coach and that there is a mutual connection between you. To facilitate this process my first, 30-minute “chemistry” session is free of charge at my premises in Edenvale, The Foundation Clinic in Oaklands or over Skype if you are outside of Johannesburg.

We will basically have a brief chat where I will explain the process and you let me know what you want to achieve. If we get along and you would like to proceed we discuss how many sessions we would spend together and the associated costs.


I facilitate a group meeting every Wednesday night from 7-8 PM at The Foundation Clinic. The address is 41 Pretoria Street, Oaklands, Johannesburg. Anyone is welcome!


I am vailable to facilitate gentle interventions in JHB if I feel it is a suitable approach to the situation.

Public speaking

I am eager to chat about your public speaking requirements if it is something I feel I can add value to.


Reaching a corporate audience is a passion of mine as it is part of my history, so I relate strongly. I also know from experience that workplace substance abuse is rife in South Africa, and that it is a delicate and difficult issue to resolve or even address.

Employers avoid addressing issues as they fear they will be held liable for discrimination practices. Employees don’t trust their employers or even their company wellness providers as they feel they will be identified and discriminated against. Both parties are unsure and insecure and the problem persists and even worsens. Good people with exceptional potential are lost in this dynamic. It is in the best interest of all parties that this is resolved as it not only saves lives, but increases productivity. It really is a win-win situation.

What I offer is a completely independent avenue for employees to use without any link to the employer. It is a confidential way to get help and make positive changes.

I invite companies who are interested in the well-being of their people to get in touch with me so that we can discuss my services, some of which carry no cost to the company!

Contact Me

(C) 082 787 8423


Skype: robertgrobbelaar1

I operate in Edenvale and Oaklands, Johannesburg, South Africa

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